I love your work & would love to work with you! How do I get started?
Please email me ( with answers to the following information to get started:
1. What pieces do you need?
Examples include invitations, reply cards, programs, save the dates, menus, maps, itineraries, information cards, announcements, thank you cards, and more - the possibilities are endless!
2. How many of each piece (number of households)?
Keep in mind the invitation count may be less than the total guest count if you are inviting couples or families and you plan to send one invitation suite per household.
3. When is the wedding? When do you need each piece by? 
Usually save the dates are sent out six months before the wedding (especially for out of town guests) and invitations and reply cards are sent out six weeks before. You may want to add an extra week or two to give time for stuffing and addressing. It may also be a good idea to have programs and other day-of pieces sent a week before the wedding so you have plenty of time to organize everything.
4. Do you have a theme or color palette? Do you have any examples of work that you like?
This won’t affect the price, but it helps to give me a sense of your vision while we are laying the groundwork. A Pinterest board is a great tool for this!

Can you tell me more about the timeline and process?
Getting Started: First, you will contact me and with the answers to the questions above and I send you the price and a project timeline. If this suits you, you mail me a 50% deposit and email me text and any design direction.
Design: After receiving payment, text, and direction, I can get started on the design of the first piece. This round takes the longest. I will send you an email PDF of different ideas for the first round and ask for your feedback. It is very important for you to communicate as much as possible what you do like and what you don’t like (you won't hurt my feelings). This gives me a good sense of how to move forward. When the first piece of the suite is final, I will apply that style direction to any additional pieces (reply cards, reception cards, etc). Please allow 2-6 weeks for the design phase.
Printing: Once all designs are approved, the remaining balance is due before the printing phase can begin. After receiving payment, I will order all the supplies I need for printing and book a time to print the job. The time frame from final approval and payment to the delivery of your package to your door usually takes 2-3 weeks.
Finishing Touches & Shipping: After the job has been printed, I will carefully package everything for shipping. I  believe in “reduce, reuse, recycle” so your package may arrive in a recycled box. I use USPS Priority, which includes a tracking number. I value customer service and communication and will keep you updated on the status of your order.

What is your time frame?
Usually 3-8 weeks. Keep in mind, client communication is sometimes one of the biggest hold-ups in a project. I will honor all my deadlines and ask that you respond with feedback in a timely manner.


How much do you charge?
Each job is custom with multiple pricing variables. If I know how many pieces you need, quantity of each, and general time frame, I am happy to provide a complimentary price quote. Wedding invitation suites start at around $650.

How does payment work?
I require a 50% deposit before the design phase and the 50% balance is due before the printing phase.


Do you do calligraphy?
Unfortunately not, but I highly recommend Script Merchant Calligraphy or Long Village Lettering.

Do you offer gold foil?
Unfortunately not, but I highly recommend To and From With Love.

Can you letterpress the return address on the envelopes?
Yes! I can print the return address on the back flap of the envelope of the Save the Dates and the Invitations for an extra charge. Blank envelopes are included in the cost.

Can you do business cards, calling cards, baby announcements, personal stationery, thank-you cards, custom greeting cards, coasters, or other non-wedding work?
Yes! I love working on all sorts of custom-design & letterpress jobs. Email me and let’s discuss the details.

Design & Imagery

Can I hire you for graphic design work? I don't need anything letterpressed but I do need a logo, layout design, wedding invitation that I will have printed at my local print shop, etc..
Yes! Graphic design is my first love, and I have been designing professionally since 2007. While I stay pretty busy with wedding suites, I take on a few design jobs if the client and the project sound like a good fit for me. Logos start at around $500 and various design jobs will be based on a $75/hour estimate.

I already have something designed, can you print it for me?
Possibly. Please email with more information.

Our wedding has a very exact color palette. Can you match colors EXACTLY?
This can be tricky because our computers may be calibrated differently. Plus, seeing something back-lit on a computer screen is different than holding a piece of printed material in your hand. The tone of the color will also change slightly from indoor lighting to natural lighting. That said, if color-exactness is important, there are two options: 1. You can physically mail me a swatch of the exact color you'd like (this can be from fabric, paper, printed from your computer, etc). 2. I can order a jar of ink that will be professionally custom-made to match your Pantone PMS color exactly. *Additional $75 per color.


What type of paper do you use?
My house stock is Crane Lettra in Pearl White. This is super fancy 100% cotton and it is designed for letterpress. Because it is made of cotton and not paper fiber, it is very soft, making the inking & impression of letterpress especially beautiful. It comes in two weights: 110lb which is about the thickness of a postcard, or 220lb which is super thick - it would crack if you bent it. 220 is lovely when pressed but adds 20% to the job price. If you are interested in other colors of paper or envelopes, please ask. I can source from other supplies.

What about envelopes?
My stock envelopes are also Crane Lettra, 100% cotton. They are super luxurious and also look really great when letterpresed. I offer return address on the back flap of the Invitation envelope and the front of the Reply envelope. Other colors can be available as well.

What type of press do you use? Do you own it?
I own a small but amazing Chandler & Price pilot press. It’s perfect for personal stationery, business cards, coasters, and other small jobs. For wedding suites and bigger prints, I use a Vandercook #4 at Asheville BookWorks, a letterpress studio that is open to the public.

What ink do you use?
I use VanSon rubber based letterpress ink. I mix color blobs from different cans to create an entirely custom made-from-scratch color for you. The color mixing is one of my favorite parts of the process.

How environmentally conscious are you?
Very! I left my corporate life in New York City to work on organic farms and hike the entire Appalachian Trail in an effort to be more in tune with the natural world. I believe in living naturally, authentically and with great respect to our limited resources. In my business and my lifestyle, I believe in REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE - in that order! I first strive to reduce my consumption of goods (buying less junk or new items), I re-use what I already have (including composting, reusing paper, and boxes) and I re-use already exiting items (buying secondhand and vintage), and as a last effort I recycle everything else (paper, glass, and plastic - including the polymer scraps from each print job). Very little ends up in my waste basket. I cherish my local Asheville, NC community, and also my larger community of makers and creatives.

Have a question that isn't here? Please email me at and I'll respond with an answer!